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Weber Charcoal Grills
The best BBQ grills in the world. Grab yourself a Weber now!
Smoking Accessories
From BBQ Dragon to Smokinator. We have all your smoking needs.
Accessories for Africa
All the accessories you might need. From covers to tools. We have it all.
For The Love Of BBQ
For those with a passion for BBQ Grilling.

About Us

Mavericks Group are a New Zealand based importer of a wide range of products primarily from the United States.  Products range from Outdoor Power Equipment such as ride on lawnmowers to BBQ grills and accessories.  We only import genuine products - no counterfeits or copies.   

We also operate a number of eCommerce sites serving customers in New Zealand,  Australia and around the Pacific. 

We believe in offering our customers great products at good prices all while offering exceptional customer service.